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ISBN 0-8126-9612-3

$19.95 paper

342 pages


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The 9/11 Conspiracy

The Scamming of America

Edited by James H. Fetzer, Ph.D.
A Catfeet Press ® book

Do you believe George W. Bush's account of what happened on 9/11? If so, you're in a small minority—only sixteen percent of Americans, according to a New York Times/CBS poll.

If you belong to the more skeptical and less gullible majority, you’ll find The 9/11 Conspiracy a fascinating store of hard facts and rigorous analysis—demonstrating conclusively that the official version just cannot possibly be true.

  • Why did the Twin Towers, specifically designed to withstand the impact of airliners, completely disintegrate, something that has never happened to any skyscraper building before or since?
  • Why were there explosions in their sub-basements before the airplanes hit these buildings?
  • Why did Building 7 come down late that afternoon, even though not hit by any aircraft and enduring no jet-fuel-based fires?
  • Why does the official story require an aerodynamically impossible flight trajectory for the Boeing 757 alleged to have hit the Pentagon?

The studies collected in The 9/11 Conspiracy answer the crucial questions about the political context, the scientific findings, and why this atrocity occurred. If you want to believe in the Bush administration, you probably shouldn’t read it. If you want the truth, you should.

"Read this book, then hit the streets and take our country back! Jim Fetzer has put together a fascinating and provocative collection of essays that will contribute significantly to our understanding of 9/11 as an inside job. Those interested in the parallels between the JFK and 9/11 crimes and cover-ups should especially appreciate the chapters by Fetzer and Peter Dale Scott, two of our leading JFK researchers—I wish more college professors had the guts to use their tenure the way these two have!"

—Kevin Barrett, Founder of the Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth, author of Truth Jihad, and co-editor of 9/11 and American Empire II

James H. Fetzer is Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. He has published thirty scholarly books and 150 articles and reviews in cognitive science and philosophy of science. His recent books include Render Unto Darwin and The Evolution of Intelligence. You can visit his website, Scholars for 9/11 Truth, at

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