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Adventure Time and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9858-9


x + 308 pages


Adventure Time and Philosophy

The Handbook for Heroes

Edited by Nicolas Michaud
Volume 87 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

After all, why do you spend so much time and energy saving princesses and fighting for justice? Is it really worth it and are your motives purely righteous? These and other very deep questions are attacked and sometimes stabbed to death in Adventure Time and Philosophy.

Is the world of Adventure Time the best of all possible worlds, and if so, where does that leave our world? Is there more to true heroism than kicking wicked butts? Did Hunson Abadeer, Lord of Evil, really have a choice? Could Adventure Time and Philosophy itself be the future lost Enchiridion? Is Princess Bubblegum a fascist dictator?

Adventure Time and Philosophy will upset everything you thought you knew about life, the universe, and burritos. It all goes to show that, if the Land of Ooo is full of surprises, the Land of Philosophy is fuller.

“The true Adventurer’s guide to understanding Adventure Time. Nicolas Michaud and his fearless team do an incredible job investigating and answering those nagging questions we’re almost always left with at the end of every episode. Adventure Time and Philosophy is an adventure into the weird, wild, and dangerous world of Adventure Time and one totally worth going on.”

—Thomas Olson Jr., founder of

Adventure Time is one of the quirkiest shows ever. It took about fifteen people to recommend it to me before I started watching, and I wish I’d started from the first suggestion! I particularly enjoyed reading what fellow philosophers thought about the Ice King, such a brilliant character who reflects so many dimensions of human life. It’s wonderful to see the amazing variety of philosophical thought that can arise from this awesome show!”

—Roger Hunt, philosopher, psychoanalyst, monster-killer, and media critic in private practice

Adventure Time and Philosophy is itself an adventure of absurd and wonderful proportions— Alice’s Rabbit Hole has nothing on Ooo to make your head grow and get dizzy, and this book shows you just how deep Pendleton Ward’s Rabbit Hole goes. Metaphysical!”

—Jessica Watkin s, co-editor of Jurassic Park and Philosophy: The Truth Is Terrifying

Nicolas Michaud, a.k.a. the Nice King, has made his lair in a bizarre alternate dimension mysteriously known as Florida State College Jacksonville, where he operates a secret portal into the Land of Philosophy, inhabited by such weird beings as Plato the Cavedweller, David the Humean, Friedrich the Godslayer, and Bertrand the Logical Alchemist. Nicolas has threatened to let these strange entities run rampage in many other dimensions, but so far has only let them loose on the bewildered inhabitants of Ooo.

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