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Against Relativism: A Philosophical Defense of Method   James F. Harris

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ISBN 0-8126-9202-0
$19.95  paper
228 pages
(October 1992)
ISBN 0-8126-9201-2 $54.95    cloth
228 pages
(October 1992)


Against Relativism
A Philosophical Defense of Method

James F. Harris

"With this book, Harris wishes to dispute what he considers to be the deleterious effects of a thoroughgoing epistemological relativism. Harris's book raises important questions, and should be a part of the ongoing reexamination of those hypotheses that attempt to tell us what we know and how we know it."
—Academic Library Book Review

"Harris clearly lays out the arguments he criticizes, and does so in a fashion that can be understood by a non-specialist. Clearly Harris presents considerable grist for the philosopher's mill."


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