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ISBN 0-8126-9516-X


242 pages

March 2002

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Archetype of the Apocalypse

A Jungian Study of the Book of Revelation

Edward Edinger

In Archetype of the Apocalypse, Jungian psychologist Edward Edinger explains how escalating violence, the proliferation of cults, renewed interest in alien abduction, increased popularity of the paranormal, and radical environmentalism all point to an impending cultural upheaval. Using the symbolically rich book of Revelation, Edinger offers insights into the images which have fascinated Western culture for over two thousand years, including 666 (the Mark of the Beast), the Four Horsemen, and the Whore of Babylon.

"Dr. Edinger's profound interpretation of the Book of Revelation is itself a revelation of the hidden meaning in the disorder of the contemporary world. This is a work of wisdom and clarity. To enter the new millenium with greater understanding, read this book!"

Murray Stein, author of Jung's Map of the Soul

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