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Beyond the Big Bang: Quantum Cosmologies and God   Willem B. Drees

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ISBN 0-8126-9118-0
$39.00      paper
340 pages
(February 1991)

Beyond the Big Bang
Quantum Cosmologies and God

Willem B. Drees

Physicist and theologian Willem Drees reviews and criticizes the religious responses to the Big Bang, showing that attempts by theologians to appropriate this scientific theory neglect many difficulties. He examines the various quantum cosmologies in relation to the Beginning, the anthropic principles, the search for "complete" theories, and conceptions of contingency and necessity.

Beyond the Big Bang gives a reliable and easily understood account of modern physical theories of the nature of the universe and contemporary developments in theology.

"Although the book does not demand a familiarity with the contemporary scientific jargon, it is clearly directed toward those who are familiar with recent discussions in the area where science, theology, and philosophy interact. An admirable and useful reference to guide you through a set of difficult but important concepts. A fine addition to the intellectual scene."

"Skillfully written and thoroughly structured . . . should be read by theologians, especially by those wishing to become informed of the recent developments in theoretical physics and cosmology. It should also be read by physicists, who may well come to the conclusion that, to a considerable extent, theology is a rational enterprise."
—Yuri V. Balashov
American Journal of Physics


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