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ISBN 0-8126-9551-8
$34.95      Paper 
480 pages
(March 2004)
ISBN 0-8126-9550-X
$49.95      Cloth
 480 pages
(March 2004)

Carnap Brought Home
The View from Jena

Edited by Steve Awodey and Carsten Klein

Vol. 2 in Full Circle: Publications of the Archive of Scientific Philosophy

Rudolf Carnap (18911970) is considered the pioneer of logical positivism, but his work was thought to have been repudiated. Recently he has been undergoing a reappraisal, and this book of essays by leading philosophers, logicians, and art historians attempts to return Carnap to his rightful place. The philosopher's early days as a utopianist, the root of his thought in neo-Kantianism, his social and political activismall are explored in these important essays.






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