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ISBN 0-8126-9610-7
ISBN-13 978-0-8126-9610-3

$38.95  paper

315 pages

(Spr 2008)

Confucius Now

Contemporary Encounters with the Analects

Edited by David Jones

Confucius (Master Kong or Kongzi) is China's first great teacher and the life's blood of what it means to be Chinese today. His spiritual outlook is very different from that of the Christian West or of other Eastern traditions such as Daoism or Buddhism.

Confucius crafted a view of human beings that was basically optimistic and encouraging because it held that all humans could improve themselves and their conditions through diligent effort. He maintained that self-improvement by means of education should be open to everyone without discrimination. To be a superior person is something, not determined by birth or rank, that each individual should aim for.

The writers of this book have all contributed to the blossoming new awareness and understanding of Master Kong, putting Confucius back on the radar screens both of academic philosophers and of thoughtful inquirers outside academia. Confucius Now gives us the best of today’s cutting-edge scholarship aimed at recovering the authentic voice of Confucius.

"Confucius is full of surprises. His views emerge piecemeal, and different aspects can emerge for different readers. Confucius Now, with essays by leading scholars, brings him into clear light."

—Joel J. Kupperman, author of Six Myths about the Good Life

"Interest in Confucian philosophy has been steadily growing, much of it being nurtured by the outstanding scholars represented in this book. The collective impact of its fifteen essays is a vision of Confucianism that, notwithstanding its distant roots, resonates strongly with the ethical and spiritual aspirations of many today. We too can strive to be ‘exquisitely human’, and Confucius Now is an exemplary guide."

—Stephen C. Angle, author of Human Rights and Chinese Thought

"The essays in this volume arise from a community of teachers and their former students who share a profound appreciation for Confucius and a strong conviction that his holistic vision and teachings, as presented in the Analects, are relevant not only to contemporary sociopolitical problems but also to an integrated personal life in harmony with others."

—Hoyt Cleveland Tillman, author of Confucian Discourse and Chu Hsi’s Ascendancy

David Jones is director of the Center for the Development of Asian Studies in Atlanta and professor of philosophy in the University System of Georgia. He is the founding editor of East-West Connections: Review of Asian Studies, the journal of the Asian Studies Development Program of the East-West Center. Professor Jones edited Buddha—Nature—Animality and co-edited Asian Texts—Asian Contexts: Encountering the Philosophies and Religions of Asia.

Contributors include: Ronald Suleski, Herbert Fingarette, David Jones, Roger T. Ames, Jim Behuniak, Tan Sor Hoon, P. J. Ivanhoe, Edward Slingerland, Amy Olberding, Henry Rosemont Jr., Ni Peimin, Mary Bockover, Kwong-loi Shun, Loy Hui-chieh, and Jeffrey L. Richey.

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