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Explaining Human Action   Kathleen Lennon
ISBN 0-8126-9135-0 $16.95       paper
176 pages
(September 1991)

ISBN 0-8126-9134-2 $35.95       cloth

176 pages
(September 1991)


Explaining Human Action

Kathleen Lennon

Kathleen Lennon provides a new approach to the philosophy of action, showing how "reasons" fit into the casual framework of the world, while defending their autonomy. She disputes the rapidly-congealing orthodoxy which maintains that explanations according to intentional states cannot be casual explanations.

“Kathleen Lennon’s Explaining Human Action is a thoughtful discussion of a fundamental web of issues in the philosophy of mind and action. . . . Reading this book cannot help but stimulate thought.”

Michael E. Bratman, Minds and Machines



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