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Family Pictures: A Philosopher Explores the Familiar        Laura Duhan Kaplan

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ISBN 0-8126-9362-0 $17.95       paper
144 pages
(September 1997)

Family Pictures
A Philosopher Explores the Familiar

Laura Duhan Kaplan

In this engrossing new volume, a philosopher writes in the genre known as narrative philosophy. She examines philosophical snapshots of family life, showing that the ordinary journey through marriage, maturity, and parenting is fraught with extraordinary questions about ethics, knowledge, and metaphysics. By using the private sphere of family life as a vantage point from which to explore and evaluate classical philosophical texts, this book makes philosophy accessible to an audience wider than philosophy usually commands. Family Pictures demonstrates how useful philosophy can be in understanding personal and spiritual transformation.

"Family Pictures is provocative. In her efforts to make sense of her experience, [Kaplan] stimulates us to grapple with our own and further our understanding of our selves."
—The Charlotte Observer


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