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184 pages
(October 2004)
ISBN 0-8126-9553-4
$29.95       paper
ISBN 0-8126-9546-1
$44.95   cloth
Frege's Lectures on Logic: Carnap's Student Notes 1910–1914

Edited by Erich H. Reck and Steve Awodey
Introduction by Gottfried Gabriel

Vol. 1 in Full Circle, Publications of the Archive of Scientific Philosophy

When Bertrand Russell discovered an irresolvable contradiction in Gottlob Frege's (1848–1925) logical system, the effect was calamitous, embittering Frege and overshadowing his important work in analytical philosophy. Frege's student, Rudolf Carnap, took detailed notes of his lectures that show how Frege tried to address the contradiction. These rare documents are published here in English for the first time.



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