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The Book of Gins and Vodkas   Bob Emmons

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ISBN 0-8126-9410-4
$22.95       cloth
256 pages
(October 1999)

The Book of Gins and Vodkas
Bob Emmons

The Book of Gins and Vodkas will make the reader an instant expert on these increasingly popular spirits. Bob Emmons, author of the widely-praised Book of Tequila provides tasting notes on all premium and super-premium gins and vodkas, from the most popular to the more obscure.

He explains historical and current production methods, recent trends, and the different flavoring components of these liquors. Emmons shares tips on organizing a tasting, suggests food accompaniments, and includes recipes for martinis and other classic cocktails.

This engaging volume serves both as an introductory guide and a comprehensive resource to the romance, history, and little-known facts about gins and vodkas.

"This is a detailed and authoritative guide. Tasting notices are provided for 110 different vodkas and thirty-six different gins retailed in America. These are well written and entertaining... By peppering his work with interesting asides and trenchantly held views, Bob Emmons has turned a turgid analysis of these two spirits into an entertaining and amusing book."
—Times Literary Supplement

"Timely, well conceived and evenhanded. Emmons offers 'a little history' of each white spirit and explains how each is made. He describes the leading bands and offers cocktail recipes. Give this as a present along with a brace or two of martini glasses."

"Once again, spirits author Bob Emmons has squarely hit the mark with his terrific new book. . . clear, succinct, and packed with the keen insights of not just a true believer, but an accomplished and reliable authority. The Book of Gins and Vodkas goes down as smoothly as a crisp gin and tonic on a sweltering July day."
—F. Paul Pacult
author of Kindred Spirits

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