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The Good Wife and Philosophy cover 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9824-4


xii + 194 pages

July 2013

The Good Wife and Philosophy

Temptations of Saint Alicia

Edited by Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray and Robert Arp
Volume 76 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

The Good Wife lays bare the conflicts between law and ethics, politics and private behavior, ambition and idealism, career and family, love and convention.

In The Good Wife and Philosophy, seventeen philosophers look at the disturbing issues raised by this hypnotically addictive TV drama. Their conclusions will impress every thoughtful fan of the show.

“This book will challenge you to engage with your beloved Good Wife characters—Alicia, Will, Diane, Peter, Eli, and Kalinda—on an even deeper level. What makes The Good Wife and Philosophy invaluable to any fan of the show is the philosophical analysis of the ethical, legal, and personal dilemmas that shape and define these enigmatic characters.”

—James Rocha, Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Louisiana State University

“The profession of law is an extension of philosophy into the realm of concrete, real-life events and so it’s no surprise that The Good Wife should prove to be so very philosophical. The Good Wife and Philosophy is a fitting companion to this stimulating TV drama, and one that thoughtful fans of the show won’t want to miss.”

—Adam Barkman, co-editor of The Culture and Philosophy of Ridley Scott

“At a time when most people are fed up with crooked politicians and lawyers, no other book is as desperately needed as The Good Wife and Philosophy. Fans of The Good Wife will love learning why Alicia is not only the good wife and a saint, but also why Nancy, Patti, and Eli shouldn’t be our role models. Corruption, deception, and immorality BEWARE—The Good Wife and Philosophy is here to root you out!”

—Courtland Lewis, co-editor of Doctor Who and Philosophy

“Fans of this ironically titled show will love this ironically titled book, which examines and cross-examines such topics as whether women really can have it all, why we demand that our politicians have spouses who support them come what may, whether legal ethics is an oxymoron, and how a good wife should really love her husband.”

—Ronda Bowen, consulting philosopher in private practice

Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray teaches philosophy at the University of Guelph and at King’s University College, Western University. She is President of the North American Society for Early Phenomenology and writer of A Tattooed Philosopher’s Blog.

Robert Arp is an intelligence analyst for the US Army and has authored or edited numerous works of both academic and popular philosophy, including What’s Good on TV? Teaching Ethics through Television.

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