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Homeland and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9857-2


xviii + 252 pages


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Homeland and Philosophy

For Your Minds Only

Edited by Robert Arp
Volume 85 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

The suspense of Homeland is killing us. Meanwhile, the tribulations of the characters make us ache with compassion, and their difficult, compromising situations compel us to face harsh realities and hard choices about life and death.

In Homeland and Philosophy, twenty-five penetrating thinkers probe the fateful issues raised by the Homeland story. Are we free or brainwashed? Are drone attacks terrorism? Can violence really be religious? How do we know who we really are?

“I’ve just read Homeland and Philosophy, and now I feel like the philosophical counterpart of a CIA agent who’s been let in on all the classified Homeland intel that no one else knows. This fascinating book helps us not only to appreciate the show in considerably greater depth but also to reflect on the world we live in and on ourselves as well, all in an entertaining way. As Socrates might have said, the unexamined TV show is not worth watching—so now that we have Homeland and Philosophy, we can go on watching, and feel better about it.”

—Jack Bowen, Author of If You Can Read This: The Philosophy of Bumper Stickers

“Why kill a man when you can kill an idea? In these unredacted pages you’ll find proof that ideas can’t be killed, especially the philosophical ones that terrorize your sleep and deny you the safety of everyday life. They live on, in the Homeland, eternal.”

—Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, A Tattooed Philosopher’s Blog

 “We’re still wrestling with the demons released by 9/11, and Homeland helps us to reflect on all the ways the world has been affected by terrorism. Homeland and Philosophy goes further—it takes us into the heart of our deepest existential questions: Are God and evil compatible? How should you act toward someone who has harmed you? What is truth in a world of double and triple lives? This wonderful book gives Homeland fans a host of insights into a world shaped by ideas and values . . . some of which seem very foreign.”

—Jamie Carlin Watson, Assistant Professor of Philosophy, Broward College

Homeland has become both a window into and a mirror for our collective post-9/11 thinking about issues at the core of contemporary debate—from the conduct of the clandestine services to the nature of terrorism as such, from drones to torture, from loyalty to state to loyalty to self, from mental health to mental hygiene, among numerous other essential issues of our age. The authors of Homeland and Philosophy give us many illuminating comments on one of television’s most influential and relevant shows.”

—David Larocca, editor of The Philosophy of War Films

 Among his myriad of contributions to philosophy, both academic and popular, Robert Arp is author of Scenario Visualization: An Evolutionary Account of Creative Problem-Solving (2008); co-author of Critical Thinking: An Introduction to Reasoning Well (2011) and What’s Good on TV: Teaching Ethics through Television (2011); and editor of 1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think (2013) and Psych and Philosophy: Some Dark Juju-Magumbo (2013). Currently Dr. Arp works as an intelligence analyst for the US Army (No, really).

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