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How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9835-0


vi + 235 pages


How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy

Being and Awesomeness

Edited by Lorenzo von Matterhorn
Volume 81 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

Kids, you never know the true meaning of what’s happening to you until you hear from your future self about twenty years from now. Is it worth waiting for your perfect mate? No one but future-you knows the answer.

Yet you don’t have to remain in suspense any longer to find out the true meaning of the mother of all TV shows. Twenty philosophers walked into a bar, passed around a sub, and, suitably stimulated, came up with the crazy ideas in How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy. It’s not as much fun as playing the bagpipes but it beats reading a magazine. If you didn’t guess that the show is all about the metaphysical mysteries of human existence, you’re in for a surprise. If you feel puzzled, stop being puzzled and just be enlightened instead.

 “Suit up! I always knew that I liked Barney while despising his behavior, but now, thanks to How I Met Your Mother and Philosophy, I understand why! Lorenzo von Matterhorn (could any name be more awesome?) has done a superb job of bringing together the ideas of some of the top talent in philosophy. And now, some of the toughest philosophical questions have been lawyered! We love to laugh with the show, but we never realize how much it applies to life, love, and existence (and being awesome!). Are you ready? Its gonna be, LEGEN . . . wait-for-it . . . DARY!”

— Nicolas Michaud, editor of Frankenstein and Philosophy: The Shocking Truth

“I know we’re supposed to keep up with How I Met Your Mother to find out exactly how Ted hooked up with his kids’ other parent, but as this marvelous book proves, what really keeps us watching is the fascination of the Mosby gang’s excellent adventures, with their deep insights into Hegelian philosophy of history, pragmatist metaphysics, paraconsistent logic, and ethical egoism. True story!”

— Ana Carolina Azevedo, Universidade do Vale do Rios dos Sinos (Unisinos), Brazil

“Like a (sometimes crass) father educating his children about the complexity and ridiculousness of life, the authors of this awesome volume school us in the complexity and ridiculousness of an outstanding TV show.”

— Adam Barkman, Associate Professor of Philosophy, Redeemer University College

“With friends like these, who needs Friends? Bad behavior pays and pays off. If you ever wondered why you like Barney or why anyone puts up with him, the answers are in this book. Here you can learn the intricacies of the Bro Code and explore the delicacies of Ted’s dialectical development (the becoming of Bob Saget . . .). These professional speculators take on all those weighty issues and much more in this delightful volume.”

—Randall E. Auxier, co-editor of The Philosophy of Richard M. Rorty and The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy: Wicked Wisdom of the West

Among his many legendary accomplishments, the multitalented Lorenzo von Matterhorn holds positions (under a pseudonym) as Professor of Philosophy and BOF Research Professor at the University of Antwerp and Senior Research Associate at Peterhouse College in the University of Cambridge. He’s also the author (under a pseudonym) of Between Perception and Action and Aesthetics as Philosophy of Perception.

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