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Human Freedom after Darwin: A Critical Rationalist View   John Watkins

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ISBN 0-8126-9407-4 $24.95       paper
320 pages
(November 1999)

ISBN 0-8126-9406-6 $49.95       cloth

320 pages
(November 1999)


Human Freedom after Darwin
A Critical Rationalist View

John Watkins

In his last book, John Watkins argues that philosophical discussion of human freedom has been transformed by developments in modern science, especially evolutionary biology. He outlines-and defends against critics-a strictly naturalistic account of freedom and creativity. Watkins tests his own account by using examples from drug addiction, hypnosis, slavery, brainwashing, and creative leaps in thought.

"John Watkin's parting gift to philosophy is pure gold, the refinement of fifty years of focused reflection on freedom, mind, and knowledge. Taking as his departure point the critical rationalist approach to knowledge, and locating his program firmly within the naturalistic world-view bequeathed by Darwin, Watkins delivers a coherent and intelligible account of human freedom which explains why it is so valuable. The book, which races along like a good detective novel, is lucid, profound, scholarly, wise, and witty. It should be read and enjoyed by all who crave to know 'Man's Place in Nature'."
Graham Oddie
University of Colorado at Boulder


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