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Jurassic Park and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9847-3


xiv + 285 pages


Jurassic Park and Philosophy

The Truth Is Terrifying

Edited by Nicolas Michaud and Jessica Watkins
Volume 82 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

Some scientists say we’re closing in on the problem of de-extinction—bringing back life forms long thought to be gone forever. The new information we could get by recovering deceased dinosaurs is immense, including possibly immeasurable medical benefits.

But which animals deserve to be resurrected first? And how do we know that the creatures we’ve brought to life are really the same as the ones that died out long ago? Could there be more to being a dinosaur than having dinosaur DNA? Can it be right to try to undo what natural evolution has decreed? And will we have a continuing responsibility to the critters we’ve de-extincted?

We’ve brought together twenty-nine first-class mammalian minds to tell us their versions of the truth about lost worlds, found worlds, and resurrected reptiles. And the truth is, well, occasionally a little bit disconcerting.

 “Jurassic Park and Philosophy proves that philosophical thinking can be fun, even when confronting disturbing possibilities about the universe and our precarious place in it. The writers celebrate the thrill of intellectual discovery, as they point out the terror of the human predicament.”

—Professor Shep Shepard, Florida State College at Jacksonville

“Once you’ve read this book, Jurassic Park will never be the same. Jurassic Park and Philosophy brings your mind to see Jurassic Park in a new light.”

Jurassic Park Legacy

Jurassic Park and Philosophy spares no expense digging beneath the surface of the ‘Jurassic’ universe, and is sure to entertain while exploring Michael Crichton’s impact on the public’s perception of dinosaurs and science.”

—Chris Pugh, Writer and News Reporter,

 “Philosoraptors will want to hunt down this book and eat up every choice morsel. It’s just crammed with tasty treats for thoughtful fans of science, science fiction, ethics, politics, and Michael Crichton.”

—Robert Arp, author of 1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think

Nicolas Michaud is a philosophy teacher at Jacksonville University. Convinced that roving packs of velociraptors are circling the campus, he has never dared to leave it. As a result he can do nothing but accumulate degrees: his MA in Philosophy, his MA in English, a BA in music, his music performance certification, his doctorate in educational leadership, and further pending qualifications in history and philosophy.

Jessica Watkins is a world traveler, soon-to-be mother, and keeper of classrooms full of hungry seventh-grade compsognathuses. Her goal is to help make her students happy, healthy, and intellectually dangerous—dangerous enough to take down Jurassic Park, or any other system of oppression.

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