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Justified and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9876-3


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Justified and Philosophy

Shoot First, Think Later

Edited by Rod Carveth and Robert Arp
Volume 88 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

“You haven’t read Justified and Philosophy yet? Folks have been shot for less.”

—Nicolas Michaud, editor of Adventure Time and Philosophy: The Handbook for Heroes

“Looking into hearts blacker than the blackest coal, we’ve discovered what happens after the shotgun wedding in Justified. It seems that blood’s thicker than cold sorghum syrup up in those mountains. The Hatfields and McCoys weren’t nearly so imaginative or so well armed, but the Crowders and the Crowes and the Givenses and their boys aren’t so different from what you and I would be if our loyalties were all we believed in. Thoughts deeper than the deepest holler are in the crosshairs here, and since these aren’t yesteryear’s rednecks, Carveth and Arp have summoned a crew of down-home thinkers who know their way around the backroads of philosophy.”

—Randall E. Auxier, author of Time, Will, and Purpose: Living Ideas from the Philosophy of Josiah Royce

“If John Rawls was a lawman, he’d be Justified’s newest Chief Deputy Marshal. But, if Raylan Givens was a philosopher he’d write this book and make it a capital offense not to read it.”

—Michael J. Muniz, Northwood University

“The Western’s an excellent genre for contemporary viewers and readers to explore what if’s. In a world with no rules, seemingly unending wealth for the taking, and the opportunity to exercise any number of harmful and immoral acts, would you, should you, or could you? Justified is the Western for the twenty-first century, as Clint Eastwood was for the previous one, and Justified and Philosophy gives us many exciting insights into the quick-draw world of Raylan Givens.”

—Roger Hunt, Boston Graduate School of Psychoanalysis

“Even people who’ve never read a word of philosophy will be able to read this book and find it justifiably fascinating.”

 —Rick Anderson, independent television critic

Rod Carveth is Director of Graduate Studies in the School of Global Journalism and Communication at Morgan State University. He co-edited Mad Men and Philosophy (2011) and Media Economics: Theory and Practice (2003).

Robert Arp is an intelligence analyst for the US Army. He has written and edited many works in both academic and popular philosophy, including Homeland and Philosophy (2014), 1001 Ideas that Changed the Way We Think (2013), and What’s Good on TV? Teaching Ethics through Television (2011).

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