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Logic and Mr. Limbaugh   Ray Perkins, Jr.

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ISBN 0-8126-9294-2 $14.95       paper
182 pages
(May 1995)

Logic and Mr. Limbaugh

Ray Perkins, Jr.

Logic and Mr. Limbaugh is both an entertaining introduction to the elements of logic and a serious critique of the practical logic of a major conservative propagandist. Perkins takes 50 examples of logical reasoning from Limbaugh's statements, identifies the logical arguments, and points out the fallacies.

"Logic and Mr. Limbaugh is an excellent book—clear, informative, and entertaining. Perkins has made at least one area of logic (informal fallacies), a subject students often find dull and difficult, exciting and accessible. His analyses of Rush Limbaugh's arguments for a variety of conservative positions are both timely and incisive. He delivers them in clear and simple prose which makes them eminently accessible to the beginning logic student or the non-academic reader."
—Contemporary Philosophy

"Perkins provides a valuable service with this book: he brings logic to the people, challenging the sloppy thinking of our opinion-leaders, talk show hosts, and public gasbags. He makes philosophy, especially critical thinking, a dangerous, necessary, and eternally vigilant enterprise."
—The Bertrand Russell Society Quarterly


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