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Journey of Luke Skywalker

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ISBN 0-8126-9432-5

320 pages

(April 2001)

The Journey of Luke Skywalker

An Analysis of Modern Myth and Symbol

Steven A. Galipeau

Using C. G. Jung's approach to dreams and myths, Jungian analyst Steven Galipeau reveals to readers the wealth of symbolism and meaning embedded in George Lucas's modern fairytale. From the battle between light femininity and dark masculinity to the conflict between nature and technology, Galipeau explains why the characters and themes in the movies resonate so deeply with us. Appealing to Star Wars fans as well as those interested in popular culture, contemporary myths, and archetypes, The Journey of Luke Skywalker will bring new insight to the most popular film series of the last two decades.

"Behind the space dogfights and light-saber duels is a mythology that touches a chord in the human psyche . . . this title will be the basis of many internet discussions—not to mention term papers—by fans who will enjoy it. Recommended."

—Michael Rogers, Library Journal

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