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The Mindful Traveler: A Guide to Journaling and Transformative Travel    Jim Currie

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$16.95       paper
160 pages
(September 2000)

The Mindful Traveler
A Guide to Journaling and Transformative Travel

Jim Currie

This insightful guide shows readers how to make each vacation, adventure, and business trip a journey of self-discovery and an opportunity for personal growth. The author explains how travel may be viewed as both an outward exploration of unfamiliar geography, architecture, history, and foreign customs and an inner journey into self-identity and personal meaning.

Currie advocates journaling as a way to give form and structure to thought and fleeting impressions, increasing our insights into unconscious motivations and impulses. He walks the reader through the entire process of effective journaling: selecting the appropriate journal and writing tools, organizing the journal into different sections, deciding upon the appropriate "spiritual touchstones," and structuring the writing process around eight Buddhist archetypes that offer specific skills for problem solving and spiritual progress.

The author includes helpful anecdotes and examples from his own extensive travel experiences to guide the reader through the process, offering tips for planning trips, determining objectives, organizing and allocating time, budgeting, traveling with others, packing, staying healthy, and dealing with emergencies.

"A powerful passport to magical and meaningful travel."
—Satish Kumar
author of Path Without Destination


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