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Mr. Monk and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9674-5


288 pages

Winter 2010

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Mr. Monk and Philosophy

The Curious Case of the Defective Detective

Edited by D. E. Wittkower
Volume 46 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

It’s a jungle out there. And in here, too. Through this jungle prowl all the demons of dirt and disorder. Though they must win eventually, the way to delay their victory is to keep everything in its proper place, and that means noticing any detail that doesn’t fit.

Welcome to the world of former San Francisco police detective Adrian Monk, intellectual athlete and behavioral cripple, master of crime-solving and slave to his own terrors. Mr. Monk and Philosophy examines that world through the lens of philosophy, bags all the evidence, and identifies DNA samples of Aristotle, Aquinas, Nietzsche, and Wittgenstein.

“I not only enjoyed the book, it gave me several new perspectives on a character I thought I knew inside and out. Mr. Monk and Philosophy is a fascinating, funny, and perceptive collection that analyzes Monk like he would a crime scene—and succeeds in solving the greatest Monk mystery of all: Who is Adrian Monk?”

—Lee Goldberg, writer of several Monk TV episodes and author of the bestselling Adrian Monk novels, including Mr. Monk Is Miserable

“Someday, very smart and well-intentioned nerds will rule the world. Until then, we have Adrian Monk, whose obsessive efforts to restore normalcy to both the world and his own life are, as Dylan Wittkower points out, reminiscent of Sisyphus pushing his rock up the hill. What better group to celebrate this paradox of compulsive striving for normalcy than a collection of the world’s most finely-tuned and obsessive philosophers! This book should be compulsory (if not compulsive) reading for anyone who appreciates the special appeal of the crime drama.”

 —Ralph D. Ellis, co-author of How the Mind Uses the Brain (To Move the Body and Image the Universe)

 “ Mr. Monk and Philosophy gives an eclectic and revealing insight into one of the most popular of all TV detectives. It’s a must read for anyone interested in Monk or in the endless power of a TV genre to consistently re-imagine itself (and its philosophical implications) for each new generation of viewers.”

—Glen Creeber, author of The Television Genre Book

 “If you really want to get rid of your irrational fears, I’m in the San Francisco phone book. Reading Mr. Monk and Philosophy won’t cure your phobias, but it will provide some relief by amusing and distracting you. That is something, and it’s a lot cheaper.”

 —Dr. Michael Edelstein, psychotherapist and co-author of Stage Fright: 40 Stars Tell You How They Beat America’s #1 Fear

 D.E. Wittkower is the editor of iPod and Philosophy: iCon of an ePoch and Facebook and Philosophy: What’s on Your Mind? He wears a suit every day, but usually not to the beach.

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