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The Onion and Philosophy cover 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9687-5


320 pages

Fall 2010

The Onion and Philosophy

Fake News Story True, Alleges Indignant Area Professor

Edited by Sharon M. Kaye
Vol. 54 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

This book is full of ballsy commentary from internationally acclaimed super-intellectuals on all of the best Onion articles (indexed for your convenience at the back).

You could repeat some of these comments as if you’d just thought of them, at a party or something where everyone suddenly runs out of things to say. Actually, it’s not so much that they’ve run out of things to say as that they’re all thinking of telling Tina that she just called Kyle “Carl” by mistake, but they are too embarrassed (why the fuck is this so embarrassing?) and Tina’s too high to care anyways.

Oh, and another selling point about this book is that God has personally recommended it. In fact, He has stated that buying this book (and reading it, but the really important part is buying it) is much less likely to send him into a frenzy of genocidal wrath than anything else you might possibly think of doing. Reached at his Malibu pied--terre, His Almightiness commented: “This book makes excellent bathroom reading. I should know. Sometimes I’m in there for a long time” (Associated Press).

 “The publishers sent me this book because they think that being an anarchist is a joke. But philosophy is no laughing matter. At least, I thought it wasn’t until I read The Onion and Philosophy.”

 —Robert Paul Wolff, author of In Defense of Anarchism

 “The Onion and Philosophy manages to be both funny and serious, though not always at the same time. Whether or not you already know something about philosophy, or are just an Onion fan, you’ll learn while you laugh.”

—Peter Singer, author of Animal Liberation

 “A deep philosophical analysis of our most important news source. As Descartes said after reading The Onion, Rideo ergo sum.”

—Steven Nadler, author of The Best of All Possible Worlds

 “Philosophers uncover meaning of life by reading Onion? OH YEAH!!!”

 —Elliott Sober, author of Evidence and Evolution

Sharon M. Kaye is Professor of Philosophy at John Carroll University. She’s the author of Black Market Truth (2008) a gratuitously erotic, pointlessly violent thriller about a lost work of Aristotle. Her other books are non-fiction, or so she claims. They include Medieval Philosophy (2008), Philosophy for Teens (with Paul Thomson, 2006), More Philosophy for Teens (with Paul Thomson, 2007), On Ockham (with Robert Martin, 2001), and On Augustine (with Paul Thomson, 2001). Professor Kaye has published numerous scholarly articles in academic journals, as well as mediocre cartoons in publications of dubious repute, including The Philosopher’s Magazine and The Onion and Philosophy.

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