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Ontology of Cyberspace   David R. Koepsell

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ISBN 0-8126-9537-2
$19.95       paper
160 pages
(March 2003)
ISBN 0-8126-9423-6
$26.95       cloth

156 pages
(August 2000)


The Ontology of Cyberspace
Law, Philosophy, and the Future of Intellectual Property

David R. Koepsell

Is software a creation to be patented, like an invented machine or process, or an original expression to be copyrighted, like drawings and books? In this ground-breaking examination of how intellectual property laws should be applied to cyberspace, software, and other computer-mediated creations, Koepsell argues that this artificial distinction is responsible for the growing legal problems related to intellectual property law.

Computer-mediated objects are no different from books, songs, or machines and do not require any special treatment by the law. The author suggests revisions to the legal framework itself which prevent this artificial and problematic distinction, and simplifies the protection of all intellectual property.


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