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Peanuts and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9948-7


288 pages


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Peanuts and Philosophy

You’re a Wise Man, Charlie Brown!

Edited by Richard Greene and Rachel Robison-Greene
Volume 106 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series
This book contains no pictures! It is a collection of philosophical articles about Charlie Brown and the gang, for thoughtful fans of Peanuts.

For over half a century, the cartoonist and thinker of genius, Charles M. Schulz, enriched the lives of tens of millions of people every day with his inimitable wit and insight. In Peanuts and Philosophy, sixteen philosophers who are also dedicated fans of Peanuts explore some of the timeless wisdom captured by these uncannily precocious kindergarteners.

“Whether you grew up with the Peanuts comic strip or encountered Charlie Brown, Snoopy, and the gang on television, film, or elsewhere, Peanuts and Philosophy is an awesome must-read. It’s the perfect book for those of us who’ve been amused, enchanted, or provoked by Charles Schulz’s much-loved world of happiness, frustrated love, grief, struggle, joy, and so much more.”

—Charles Taliaferro, author of Consciousness and the Mind of God

 “Remembering what hasn’t happened yet. That’s the essence of the football that never yet got kicked, the Great Pumpkin that never chose our patch so far, the Little Red-Haired Girl who never appears but might, the blanket we can’t part with just now. What will we do with all that has evaded us, up to now? That’s the quest for these philosophers as they try to hold that football down, wait out that Pumpkin, mack on that Girl, and nudge Linus on down the road to a maturer security. The doctors are IN!”

 —Randall E. Auxier, author of Metaphysical Graffiti: Deep Cuts from the Philosophy of Rock

 “Peanuts has endured in American popular culture for over half a century because it has consistently woven good-natured humor and the problems of growing up together with some fairly weighty philosophical questions. Peanuts and Philosophy captures this same spirit as it takes on issues like the relationship between faith and reason, moral psychology, and existential crises. through the lens of our favorite members of the Peanuts gang. A fun, thoughtful read.”

—Joshua Heter, co-editor of The Man in the High Castle and Philosophy

 “Like Schulz himself, Peanuts and Philosophy uses broad, deep strokes to explore who we are, what we like, and how we struggle. Both relatable and enlightening, this book brings Schulz’s philosophical depth into focus. Peanuts and Philosophy is worthwhile because it challenges us to think more deeply while comforting us with the characters generations have loved.”

—Jamey Heit, author of Imagination and Meaning in Calvin and Hobbes

 “Mwaa mwaa mwaa mwaa. Mwaa mwaa mwaa mwaa. Mwaa mwaa mwaa mwaa. Mwaa mwaa mwaa mwaa.”

—Mrs. Donovan

Richard Greene is professor of philosophy at Weber State University and has served as executive chair of the Intercollegiate Ethics Bowl. Among the many books he has co-edited are Orphan Black and Philosophy: Grand Theft DNA (2016) and Dexter and Philosophy: Mind over Spatter (2011). Rachel Robison-Greene is a PhD candidate at UMass Amherst. She co-edited Orange Is the New Black and Philosophy: Last Exit from Litchfield (2015) and The Princess Bride and Philosophy: Inconceivable! (2016).

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