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ISBN 0-8126-9621-2
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979 pages


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ISBN-13 978-0-8126-9622-6


979 pages


The Philosophy of Michael Dummett

Edited by Randall E. Auxier and Lewis Edwin Hahn
Volume 31 in the Library of Living Philosophers

Sir Michael Dummett has, for over half a century, been among the most respected and provocative philosophical voices in the world. His groundbreaking and controversial work in epistemology, ontology, the philosophy of language, the philosophy of mathematics, logic, and the philosophy of history and time have come to dominate contemporary discussions of these topics. This comprehensive volume on Dummett’s thought treats all of these subjects in detail, along with his work in the history of philosophy, philosophy of religion, grammar, econometrics, civil rights, tarot cards, and even recreation.

Dummett is the subject of volume 31 in the world-renowned Library of Living Philosophers series. The book will include Dummett’s intellectual autobiography, 27 previously unpublished critical and descriptive essays by famous scholars, a reply to each essay by Dummett, and a complete bibliography of Dummett’s published works. The list of contributors, a stellar cast of international scholars who are famous in their own right, includes the great Hilary Putnam as well as Crispin Wright, a former student of Dummett.

Dummett was the Wykeham Professor of Logic at Oxford from 1979 until 1992 when he retired. He was awarded the Schock Prize in Logic and Philosophy (by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences) in 1995 and was knighted in 1999.

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