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Philosophy of Gadamer cover

ISBN 0-8126-9341-8
ISBN-13 978-08126-9341-6


638 pages



The Philosophy of Hans-Georg Gadamer

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Table of Contents

  • Hans-Georg Gadamer: Intellectual Autobiography
  • Karl-Otto Apel: Regulative Ideas or Truth Happening: An Attempt at Determining the Logos of Hermeneutics
  • Roderick M. Chisholm: Gadamer and Realism: Reaching an Understanding
  • David Hoy: Post-Cartesian Interpretation: Gadamer and Davidson
  • Joan Stambaugh: Gadamer on the Beautiful
  • Donald P. Verene: Gadamer and Vico on "Sensus Communis" and the Tradition of Humane Knowledge
  • Jean Grondin: Gadamer on Humanism
  • George R. Lucas, Jr.: Philosophy, its History, and Hermeneutics
  • Herta Nagl-Docekal: Towards a New Theory of the Historical Sciences: The Relevance of "Truth and Method"
  • Stanley H. Rosen: Horizontverschmelzung
  • Robert Sokolowski: Gadamer's Theory of Hermeneutics
  • Robert R. Sullivan: Gadamer's Early and Distinctively Political Hermeneutics
  • Francis Ambrosio: The Figure of Socrates in Gadamer's Philosophical Hermeneutics
  • David Detmer: Gadamer's Critique of the Enlightenment
  • Robert J. Dostal: Gadamer's Continuous Challenge: Heidegger's Plato Interpretation
  • Graeme Nicholson: Truth in Metaphysics and in Hermeneutics
  • Thomas M. Alexander: Eros and Understanding: Gadamer's Aesthetic Ontology of the Community
  • G. B. Madison: Hermeneutics' Claim to Universality
  • Carl Page: Historicistic Finitude and Philosophical Hermeneutics
  • James C. Risser: The Voice of the Other in Gadamer's Hermeneutics
  • David W. Aiken: Hermeneia: An Anatomy of History and Ab-wesenheit
  • Donald Davidson: Gadamer and Plato's "Philebus"
  • Diane Michelfelder: Gadamer on Heidegger on Art
  • Bjorn T. Ramberg: The Source of the Subjective
  • John C. Sallis: Rereading the "'Timaeus": The Memorial Power of Discourse
  • Dennis J. Schmidt: Putting Oneself in Words...
  • Robin M. Schott: Gender, Nazism, and Hermeneutics
  • P. Christopher Smith: The I-Thou Encounter (Begegnung) in Gadamer's Reception of Heidegger
  • Richard E. Palmer: Ritual, Rightness, and Truth in Two Late Works of Hans-Georg Gadamer
  • Thomas Prufer: A Thought or Two on Gadamer's Plato
  • Bibliography of the Writings of Hans-Georg Gadamer
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