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Philosophy of Karl Popper cover

ISBN 0-87548-353-4
ISBN-13 978-087548-353-5


1323 pages


The Philosophy of Karl Popper

Table of Contents

  • Karl Popper: Intellectual Autobiography
  • Victor Kraft: Popper and the Vienna Circle
  • William C. Kneale: The Demarcation of Science
  • W. V. Quine: On Popper's Negative Methodology
  • Hilary Putnam: The "Corroboration" of Theories
  • Imre Lakatos: Popper on Demarcation and Induction
  • Peter Medawar: Hypothesis and Imagination
  • Grover Maxwell: Corroboration without Demarcation
  • Arnold Levison: Popper, Hume, and the Traditional Problem of Induction
  • Y. Bar-Hillel: Popper's Theory of Corroboration
  • J. C. Eccles: The World of Objective Knowledge
  • J. W. N. Watkins: The Unity of Popper's Thought
  • Donald T. Campbell: Evolutionary Epistemology
  • Eugene Freeman/Henryk Skolimowski: The Search for Objectivity in Peirce and Popper
  • Herbert Feigl/Paul E. Meehl: The Determinism-Freedom and Body-Mind Problems
  • Alan E. Musgrave: The Objectivism of Popper's Epistemology
  • Paul Bernays: Concerning Rationality
  • J. Bronowski: Humanism and the Growth of Knowledge
  • Czeslaw Lejewski: Popper's Theory of Formal or Deductive Inference
  • G. Schlesinger: Popper on Self-Reference
  • A. J. Ayer: Truth, Verification and Verisimilitude
  • Joseph Aggassi: Modified Conventionalism Is More Comprehensive than Modified Essentialism
  • Tom Settle: Induction and Probability Unfused
  • Henry Margenau: On Popper's Philosophy of Science
  • Patrick Suppes: Popper's Analysis of Probability in Quantum Mechanics
  • Adolf Grünbaum: Popper's Views on the Arrow of Time
  • Thomas S. Kuhn: Logic of Discovery or Psychology of Research
  • J. O. Wisdom: The nature of "Normal" Science
  • Edward Boyle: Karl Popper's Open Society: A Personal Appreciation
  • John Wild: Popper's Interpretation of Plato
  • H. B. Acton: Moral Futurism and the Ethics of Marxism
  • Peter Winch: Popper and Scientific Method in the Social Sciences
  • Alan Donagan: Popper's Examination of Historicism
  • E. H. Gombrich: The Logic of Vanity Fair
  • Karl Popper: Replies to My Critics
  • Bibliography of the Writings of Karl Popper
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