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Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre cover

ISBN 0-87548-354-2

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754 pages


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The Philosophy of Jean-Paul Sartre

The Library of Living Philosophers volume XVI
Edited by Paul A. Schilpp

The format of this Library of Living Philosophers volume differs from that of its fifteen predecessors. Because of Sartre's failing eyesight, it was not possible for him either to read the critical essays or to respond in the usual way to his critics. Nor did he feel able to prepare an autobiography. Thus, in order to collect the material needed for the volume, it was necessary to conduct personal taped interviews with Sartre and then to have those interviews translated, edited, and arranged in an order that would approximate as closely as possible the customary format of the volumes in the Library of Living Philosophers series.

Skillfully and conscientiously conducted, the interviews themselves resulted in a unique and valuable document. At the time they occurred, Sartre was in good health except for his near-blindness, and he answered questions in a lively and easy manner. Although he seemed most comfortable when talking autobiographically, he nevertheless responded to many of the philosophical questions raised by the contributors to this volume.

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