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ISBN 0-8126-9636-0
ISBN-13 978-0-8126-9636-3


317 pages

(Fall 2007)

Pink Floyd and Philosophy

Careful with that Axiom, Eugene!

Edited by George A. Reisch
Volume 30 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

What does the power of great art have to do with madness? Should psychedelic drugs make us doubt the evidence of our senses? How did power, sadism, and conformity turn education into mind control (not that we need either)? Can a rock band keep its identity as its members change? What can we learn from the synchronicities between The Dark Side of the Moon and The Wizard of Oz? Did Friedrich Nietzsche foreshadow Syd Barrett? When did you realize that you are the hole in reality? How can you have any pudding if you don't eat yer meat?

The existential, cinematic music of Pink Floyd made them one of the most influential and recognizable rock bands of all time. They didn't do it by leaving their audiences comfortably numb, but by unsettling, disturbing, questioning, and criticizing.

And if anything's still eluding you, Sunshine, you might find it in Pink Floyd and Philosophy.

"Few bands in rock history have provoked as many stoned musings and deep intellectual conversations as Pink Floyd. Pink Floyd and Philosophy is guaranteed to deepen any fan's appreciation for this extraordinary band, as well as making an argument for non-believers that Roger Waters belongs in the philosophical canon beside the likes of Friedrich Nietzsche."

—Jim Derogatis, author of Turn On Your Mind: Four Decades of Great Psychedelic Rock

"If you have some Pink Floyd on your shelf, or in your iPod, or just in your head, you're a thinking person. And if you're a thinking person, you're doing philosophy whether you know it or not. The book is just fantastic—that is really what I think! It will show you the connections between Floyd and Philosophy. So fire up The Dark Side of the Moon, and start reading!"

—Gary L. Hardcastle, co-editor of Monty Python and Philosophy

"Hey you! Put down those headphones and pick up this book. Editor Reisch has put together a mind-blowing collection of essays for Floyd fans and philosophers alike. Who says we don't need no education?"

—John Huss, co-editor of Johnny Cash and Philosophy

George A. Reisch teaches philosophy at Northwestern University and is the author of How the Cold War Transformed Philosophy of Science (2005). He co-edited Monty Python and Philosophy: Nudge Nudge, Think Think! (2006) and Bullshit and Philosophy: Guaranteed to Get Perfect Results Every Time (2006).

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