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ISBN 0-8126-9594-1



222 pages


Poker and Philosophy

Pocket Rockets and Philosopher Kings

Edited by Eric Bronson
Volume 20 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

There’s more to poker than life, yet life, for what that’s worth, can be enriched by the philosophical lessons of poker, and—more to the point—you’ll pick up more pots if you stretch your mind to encompass the vital lessons of philosophy.

For the thoughtful poker player seeking that elusive extra depth, Poker and Philosophy has twenty card-playing members of the philosophy profession tackling the riskier questions that arise within the infinite but still joyfully expanding universe of Texas Hold’em.

  • ♣ Can we truly know what other people are thinking?
  • ♦ How does poker reconcile anarchy with civil order?
  • ♠ Why are we so sure that hold’em will never be reduced to exact calculation?
  • ♥ Where’s the line between legitimate deception and cheating?
  • ♣ Just how much probability theory must we know to make good decisions?
  • ♦ In a fog of uncertainty, can it be rational to go all-in?
  • ♠ Is online poker an oxymoron?
  • ♥ Can we act more effectively if we rely on instinct?

Eric Bronson heads the Department of Philosophy and History at Berkeley College in New York City. He co-edited The Lord of the Rings and Philosophy (2003) and edited Baseball and Philosophy (2004).

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