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Radiohead and Philosophy cover

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9664-6


288 pages

Spring 2009

Radiohead and Philosophy

Fitter Happier More Deductive

Edited by Brandon W. Forbes and George A. Reisch
Vol. 38 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series
Try on Podcast: Several chapters from this book are available in podcast format.

Not only is Radiohead the most innovative and influential rock band—it's also the most philosophically and culturally relevant. Since the 1993 breakthrough hit "Creep," the band keeps on making waves, with its view of the Bush presidency (Hail to the Thief), its anti-corporatism, its ecologically conscious road tours, its videos, and its decision to sell In Rainbows online at a 'pay whatever you want' price. Composed by a team of Radiohead fans who also think for a living, Radiohead and Philosophy is packt like a crushd tin box with insights into the meaning and implications of Radiohead's work. Paranoid or not, you'll understand Radiohead better than any android.

"Can a rock band still matter? Can it be a positive force in a postmodern world? For millions, Radiohead can, and these thought-provoking essays address how and why Radiohead makes a difference by working at the margins of popular culture."

—Theodore Gracyk, author of Rhythm and Noise: An Aesthetics of Rock

"Radiohead makes us think, feel, listen—their art reaches us in many ways. Radiohead and Philosophy is a rich collection of chapters by thinkers whose lives have been touched by Radiohead. Ranging from personal to deeply analytical, these writings provide a rich panorama of responses to the art of this remarkable band."

—Paul Lansky, composer of computer music, a fragment of which was used by Radiohead in 'Idioteque'

"Radiohead is the most radical Oxford product since Duns Scotus uploaded his disputations. I took the words on these pages as little data-packets and read them in any order I pleased. It stopped making sense. Just the break I needed. Best thing I ever had."

—Randall E. Auxier, co-editor of Bruce Springsteen and Philosophy and The Wizard of Oz and Philosophy

"Radiohead creates thoughtful, intellectually challenging, and emotionally powerful music. The essays in this book rise to the occasion admirably, doing what good criticism of good music should do: deepen the reader's appreciation for an outstanding creative achievement."

—Bill Martin, author of Avant Rock: Experimental Music from the Beatles to Björk

"Passing over the drummer's request—'really, we don't want people twiddling their goatees over our stuff'—twenty-two writers twiddle Radiohead's words and adventures with enthusiasm, as food for thought, and never 'from a great height'. Bang up to date, Radiohead and Philosophy is a perfect gift for the band's many devotees."

—Dai Griffiths, author of Radiohead's OK Computer

"While some people may think that philosophizing about rock music is like dancing about architecture (not that there's anything wrong with that!), the writers of Radiohead and Philosophy engage passionately with Radiohead to show that rock and philosophy can dance together."

—Philip Auslander, author of Performing Glam Rock

"Radiohead and Philosophy is not something you analyze but something you experience, like sitting back and listening to Radiohead. This is what writing about music should be. It brings together the concerns of philosophers with the interests of fans in a style that is thoughtful and affective."

—Byron Hawk, author of A Counter-History of Composition

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