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ISBN 0-8126-9605-0

$24.95   paper

288 pages

(Fall 2006)

Render Unto Darwin

Philosophical Aspects of the Christian Right's Crusade against Science

James H. Fetzer
  • Why has Creationism—yesterday Creation Science and today Intelligent Design—become resurgent when evidence keeps pouring in to support Darwin?
  • Can objective standards of morality be applied to issues like abortion, human cloning, and stem-cell research?
  • Why does the U.S. ruling elite—government of the people, by the rich, for the rich— subsidize Creationism, a movement of no interest to the rich?
  • What are the flaws of current evolutionary theory, which disable and disarm it in the face of irrational public attacks?
  • Where science, religion, and politics meet, what does philosophy have to say?

In this exceptionally clear analysis, a leading philosopher and public intellectual lays out the evidence and logic relating to evolution and Creation. Professor Fetzer exposes the philosophical issues at the core of passionate public debates. He demonstrates that, while God's Creation of the universe can be reconciled with the scientific evidence, the literal account in Genesis cannot be so reconciled.

Render Unto Darwin unravels some of the muddled thinking inherent in present-day evolutionary discussions, but shows that any Creationism which denies the great truths disclosed by Darwin is a lost cause. Fetzer explains that morality can be objectively validated independently of religion, and that only a deontological standard of ethics passes the essential tests.

In the most provocative part of this provocative book, Fetzer argues that an unholy alliance of fundamentalist propagandists and rightwing politicians is playing its part in the rise of a new American fascism based on the domination of civic life by unscrupulous business corporations.

"Render Unto Darwin is a well written and timely book on a topic that sorely needs careful discussion. I recommend it as an excellent introduction to the subject."

—Michael Ruse, author of Darwinism and Its Discontents and Can a Darwinian Be a Christian?

"Biting assay of Darwinism's latest clash with Biblical-fueled politics. Fetzer diagnoses a chilling fascist beat in his homeland's now-speak of fear, self-righteous conformity, and egoistic belligerence. Essential reading for all who care about science and genuine faith, and their alliance in defense of true liberty."

—Charles J. Lumsden, co-author (with Edward O. Wilson) of Genes, Mind, and Culture and Promethean Fire

James H. Fetzer has been called an evangelist of unconventional wisdom, a stormy petrel of public controversy, and a peripatetic conspiracy theorist with a razor-sharp intellect. His path-breaking dissertations on cognitive science and philosophy of science have won him many academic plaudits. His courageous and rigorous re-examinations of the Kennedy Assassination, the 9/11 cover-up, and other dirty secrets of the ruling class have made him enemies in high places. He is Distinguished McKnight University Professor Emeritus at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

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