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The Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur: The Library of Living Philosophers, Volume XXII   Edited by Lewis E. Hahn

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ISBN 0-8126-9260-8 $34.95        paper
828 pages
(December 1994)
ISBN 0-8126-9259-4
$89.95      cloth
828 pages
(January 1995)


The Philosophy of Paul Ricoeur
The Library of Living Philosophers, Volume XXII

Edited by Lewis E. Hahn

Paul Ricoeur is widely regarded as the foremost living phenomenologist. His writings cover a wide range of topics, from the history of philosophy, literary criticism, and aesthetics to metaphysics, ethics, religion, semiotics, linguistic structuralism, the humanistic sciences, psychoanalysis, guilt and evil, and conflicts of interpretation.

In similar format to the preceding 21 volumes of the Library of Living Philosophers, this book contains Ricoeur's intellectual autobiography, critical essays by 25 leading philosophers, and Ricoeur's replies to these criticisms.

"The apparent maze of his prolific writings and philosophical enquiries are brought into focus as he shows his movement from existentialism through phenomenology, analytic thought, philosophy of history, psychology, hermeneutics, to philosophical anthropology. The gift of this brief autobiography is invaluable to those who would seek to understand the force and flow of his thought."



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