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Samurai from Outer Space cover

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ISBN 0-8126-9332-9


180 pages


Samurai from Outer Space

Understanding Japanese Animation

Antonia Levi

Samurai from Outer Space is the first book-length discussion of the suddenly popular genre of Japanese animation, also known as anime (pronounced AH-nee-may). Overflowing with fascinating insights, this book is guaranteed to be thoroughly entertaining and illuminating for anime fans, known as otaku (a word that can be roughly translated as "obsessive geek"), and newcomers alike.

For readers who don't already consider themselves otaku, the author thoughtfully provides an appendix entitled "How to Become an Otaku."

"A complete guide to a strange and wondrous subculture."

Globe and Mail

"The best book in English on Japanese animation, this volume deserves a readership that extends beyond the otaku to anyone with an interest in Japanese culture."


"Explains anime as it relates to Buddhist and Shinto traditions, Ninja and Samurai myths, Confucianism, woodblock painting, traditional theater, and contemporary Japanese culture. The book is as much about the United States as it is about Japan and, happily, yields insights into both cultures for scholars and zealous lay readers alike."

Library Journal

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