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Single-Malt Whiskies of Scotland: For the Discriminating Imbiber   James F. Harris and Mark H. Waymack

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ISBN 0-8126-9213-6 $24.95       paper
194 pages
(October 1992)

Single-Malt Whiskies of Scotland
For the Discriminating Imbiber

James F. Harris and Mark H. Waymack

Single-malt scotches are the world's most exalted and sublime spirits, the culmination of centuries of folk culture, canny workmanship, scrupulous adherence to exacting standards, and a touch of elusive mystery.

This book provides a map of the cosmos of single malts for the intelligent and discerning enthusiast. It is far from being a mere "bar guide," though it does include detailed entries for 67 single malts—all those of importance, and all those readily available in the United States.

The authors have been passionate devotees of single-malts whiskey for nearly 20 years, have spent much time on "field research" for this book, and have assembled two of this country's most outstanding collections of single malts.

"The co-authors are Americans, and they write for Americans, telling the scotch whisky story in accessible American vernacular and-what is unique to this book-counseling how to arrange a single-malt tasting party . . . distillery descriptions and single-malt assessments."


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