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The Space of Love and Garbage cover

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9620-2


324 pages


The Space of Love and Garbage

And Other Essays from the Harvard Review of Philosophy

The Harvard Review of Philosophy
Edited by S. Phineas Upham

What are our responsibilities to each other, to the ones we love, to our society, to our culture? This book brings philosophy back to its roots, by illuminating just those areas of life and reality that are most important for living the good life to its fullest, as individual, neighbor, and thinker.

"An engaging combination of critical philosophical analysis—dealing with 'the garbage'—and the investigation of cultural challenges, such as finding love beyond narcissism, salvaging objectivity amid conflicting values,and the importance of being 'sincere'."

—Howard P. Kainz, author of Natural Law

"Philosophers of many different types and backgrounds are bound to find interesting and valuable things in this very diverse collection of essays.The collection’s one unifying theme is nothing more—nor less—than excellence of writing and thought."

—David Martel Johnson, author of How History Made the Mind

With contributions by

  • Arthur M.Melzer
  • Stephen A. Erickson
  • Jan Zwicky
  • Eva T.H. Brann
  • Stanley H. Rosen
  • Jon A. Levisohn
  • Charles H. Kahn
  • Catherine Z. Elgin
  • Michael N. Forster
  • Peter Berkowitz
  • Hubert L.Dreyfus
  • Sarah Kofman
  • Gisela Striker
  • John S.W. Park
  • James E. Crimmins
  • Hans Feger
  • Marc Schattenmann
  • Jonathan Baron

S. Phineas Upham was the Editor in-Chief of The Harvard Review of Philosophy. He has received degrees from Harvard University and the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania. In 2002 he edited Philosophers in Conversation, a collection of interviews with great philosophers. He lives in New York City.

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