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Teachers Can Be Fired!: The Quest for Quality           Hans A. Andrews
0-8126-9281-0 $18.95      paper
286 pages
(October 1995)
0-8126-9280-2 $38.95       cloth
270 pages
(August 1995)

Teachers Can Be Fired!
The Quest for Quality

Hans A. Andrews

What if excellent teaching were guaranteed in every classroom? Teachers Can Be Fired! is an essential guide for anyone who is serious about making that possibility a reality. Dr. Andrews explains how the Total Quality Management movement, so successful in business and industry, can be applied to the most important element in the schools—teachers. He argues persuasively for heavy reliance on supervisory/administrative evaluation practices as the most legally defensible and helpful system.

"Andrews does an exemplary job of providing guidelines for teacher evaluation. The book is an excellent manual for anyone aiming to implement an effective program on their campus."
—Community College Journal of Research and Practice

"This book provides a wealth of insights into the evaluation process. It also builds a capacity on which to make credible judgments about how performance can be enhanced and, in those instances deemed beyond redemption, how the non-performing person can be removed from the classroom for the good of the instructional program. It is indeed a worthy read for school people whose work impacts the classroom."
—Thomas A. Shannon
Executive Director, National School Boards Association


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