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The Jesus Myth   G. A. Wells

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320 pages
(October 1998)

The Jesus Myth

G. A. Wells

G. A. Wells continues his exploration of the birth of the story of Jesus in The Jesus Myth. The book includes a new investigation of the historicity of the gospel miracles, with an emphasis on exorcisms, and a provocative discussion of the New Testament as an ethical guide. Wells pays particular attention to Christian apologists C. S. Lewis and Leslie Weatherhead. Christian scholar Roderick Taylor provides an afterword.

"Charitable but unflinching, Wells analysis forces one to the inevitable conclusion that the apologists for the historical Jesus are less researchers than spin-doctors, apparatchniks for an ecclesiastical Politburo. His refreshing intellectual honesty is witnessed by the fact that his own views are amenable to evolution and revision. No one can fail to learn from the many striking arguments and insights which fill this book."
—The Journal of Higher Criticism


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