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This Complicated Form of Life: Essays on Wittgenstein    Newton Garver

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ISBN 0-8126-9253-5 $39.00     paper
340 pages
(August 1994)


0-8126-9252-7 $44.95      cloth

340 pages
(August 1994)


This Complicated Form of Life
Essays on Wittgenstein

Newton Garver

Wittgenstein has most often been treated as a thinker whose ideas can be discussed independently of any intellectual tradition. Garver, a leading exponent of Wittgenstein's thought, insists upon-and demonstrates in detail-the mutual relevance of Wittgenstein's work and the tradition of Western philosophy.

"This remarkably comprehensive study of Wittgenstein combines meticulous scholarship with philosophical insight. Garver locates Wittgenstein in relation to Kant, Frege, and other philosophers, explicates some of Wittgenstein's most important notions-such as form of life, criteria, and language games—and appraises much important literature on Wittgenstein produced since the 1950's. The book will be both indispensable to scholars and accessible to advanced students."
—Robert Audi
University of Nebraska, Lincoln


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