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The Titanic Story: Hard Choices, Dangerous Decisions   Stephen Cox

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0-8126-9396-5 $16.95       paper
132 pages
(May 1999)

The Titanic Story
Hard Choices, Dangerous Decisions

Stephen Cox

In The Titanic Story, Stephen Cox shatters popular myths about the sinking of the Titanic and offers a fresh inquiry into the facts and morals of the 1912 disaster. By focusing on a few individuals caught up in the event, the author strips away the unfounded assumptions most readers bring to the subject.

The narrative starts at the decisive moment when the Managing Director of the company that owned the Titanic steps into a lifeboat, leaving 1500 people behind. By following the actions of a few people at the center of the event, the book gradually opens itself to larger and larger questions. Cox brings startling new information to light, including the fact that more lifeboats would probably not have saved additional lives. In addressing issues of personal responsibility, the author reaches conclusions that will change the way we think of the Titanic disaster.

"Cox regales us with tales of the lifeboats and the human struggle going on aboard . . . a stellar blend of analysis and primary source material."

"At a time when the popular media's distortion of the Titanic's story reaches its zenith, this persuasive clarification and 'debunking' of public misconceptions is particularly welcome; it must form an essential part of any Titanic student's library. The reader will surely be compelled to reassess the factors leading to the disaster in a new light."
—Phillip Armstrong, Ulster Titanic Society


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