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The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9905-0


xiv + 274 pages


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The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy

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Edited by Wayne Yuen
Volume 97 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

“While we face the challenges of diminishing resources and growing populations; with unstable governments falling prey to internal chaos and even stable nations experiencing the infection of ultranationalist ideologies; when refugees crowd borders in North America and Europe; the reader would be well advised to read and consider the wisdom contained in this contemplation of a presumably advanced society under terrible pressure.”

—Daniel Miori, author and medical practitioner

“Sharper than a knife through a walker’s head, these wonderfully provocative essays will keep you thinking— the best way to survive in any world!”

—James Stacey Taylor, Department of Philosophy, The College of New Jersey

“The philosophical suspense is ending. Within these pages are the answers you’ve been dying to hear—the questions that refuse to lie down and stay dead. This is the only place where you’re forced to consider whether we must imagine a shuffle of Walkers as happy; where you can consume the contents of academic brains without the pesky issue of cannibalism or risk of Kuru. Don’t look at the flowers—buy this book.”

—Darci Doll, Instructor of Philosophy, Delta College

The Walking Dead places people who come from backgrounds just like the audience into difficult moral situations which test their humanity when the dead roam the earth and civilization has collapsed. The insightful chapters in The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy explore these ethical dilemmas from a diversity of viewpoints. Would you join Jacqui and Jenner and stay in the CDC, finding suicide a viable option when faced with the very real possibility of horrible painful death? Would you kill an innocent stranger to save a loved one as former deputy Shane did when he killed Otis to save Carl? Could you reinvent yourself, like domestic abuse survivor Carol, and make tough decisions to kill members of your own group who endanger the rest?”

—Patricia Brace, Professor of Art, Southwest Minnesota University, and co-editor of The Philosophy of J.J. Abrams

“The philosophical significance of zombies is well-trodden terrain, yet The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy offers original and provocative perspectives not only on the metaphysical status of zombies, but on a number of important ethical, political, religious, and psychological issues that concern our favorite survivors of the zombie apocalypse. This book is a must have for any fan of The Walking Dead who also just happens to love wisdom.”

—Joshua Heter, Professor of Philosophy, Saint Louis University

“This book is so good the dead will walk again just to grab hold of a copy.”

—Tim Jones, School of Literature, Drama, and Creative Writing, University of East Anglia

“From discussing the presence of religion in a real-world Hades to the teachings of Albert Camus, the meaning of life during a zombie apocalypse, and the scope of punishment in a world without laws, The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy always shoots for the head.”

—Christina Ann-Marie Diedoardo, author of Pizza, Mermaids, and Girldick

Wayne Yuen is Professor of Philosophy at Ohlone College in Fremont, California. He edited The Walking Dead and Philosophy: Zombie Apocalypse Now (2012) and co-edited Neil Gaiman and Philosophy: Gods Gone Wild! (2012).

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