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The Untamed Tongues: A Dissenting Dictionary           Thomas Szasz

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$33.95      paper
288 pages
(April 1990)

The Untamed Tongue:
A Dissenting Dictionary

Thomas Szasz

This is a new collection of biting aphorisms and provocative meditations by the master iconoclast of our age. Of The Untamed Tongue Szasz says: "I have tried, in the tradition of Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary, to present a satirical overview of the current state of the 'human comedy' with special emphasis on psychiatry, therapy, and related follies."

The entries in this heretical 'dictionary' are arranged under such headings as ethics, liberty, love, money, politics, psychiatry, psychotherapy, punishment, religion, sex, social relations, and suicide. They all reveal Szasz at his courageous and outrageous best, as he takes on the government's futile and murderous 'war on drugs', exposes the hypocrisies of psychotherapy and the atrocities of psychiatry, and defends the individual's most sacred right the right to suicide.


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