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What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Lover cover 

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ISBN 978-0-8126-9763-6


252 pages

Spring 2012

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What Philosophy Can Tell You About Your Lover

Edited by Sharon M. Kaye

From the dynamic power of lust to the daily frustrations of living with your lover, from selfless devotion to selfish gratification, from the anatomical to the metaphysical, romantic love is a labyrinth in which the most illustrious of thinkers have often lost their way.

In What Philosophy Can Tell You about Your Lover, philosophers of diverse persuasions and backgrounds present their revealing and sometimes shocking insights into the tangled web of love relationships. The result is brain therapy for the thoughtful lover.

“Reading What Philosophy Can Tell You about Your Lover is like talking to a smart friend about sex, someone who isn’t shy about discussing love in all its fleshy and sweaty details. Love, sex, relationships, kink, and not a little tenderness all make their way into this clear-eyed discussion.”

—Timothy F. Murphy, author of Case Studies in Biomedical Research Ethics

“If your most powerful sexual organ is your brain, it follows that when Sharon M. Kaye gathered a crowd of disparate philosophers to ventilate on the question, What Philosophy Can Tell You about Your Lover, the upshot was bound to be an orgy of arguments on everything from porn to Plato. Socrates figures prominently, but so do Simone de Beauvoir, Machiavelli, and Winnie the Pooh.”

—Glenn Gordon, subterranean art critic

“Who would have thought that Kant had a kinky side that has to do with cannibalism? How can we recognize Nick Machiavelli when he walks into a bar? When does a married couple need Ferdinand de Saussure more than towels in the bathroom? What Philosophy Can Tell You about Your Lover teaches us that there are many types of love and lovers, and enlightens us about what they are and how to cope with them.”

—Johannes I. Bakker, author of Toward a Just Civilization

Sharon M. Kaye is Professor of Philosophy at John Carroll University. She edited The Onion and Philosophy: Fake News Story True, Alleges Indignant Area Professor (2011) and authored Black Market Truth (2008), a heart-pounding thriller about a lost work of Aristotle. Her other books include Medieval Philosophy (2008), Philosophy for Teens (with Paul Thomson, 2006), More Philosophy for Teens (with Paul Thomson, 2007), On Ockham (with Robert Martin, 2001), and On Augustine (with Paul Thomson, 2001). Professor Kaye has published numerous philosophical articles in scholarly journals and is an accomplished cartoonist whose philosophical cartoons have appeared in The Philosopher’s Magazine and other publications. She is licensed by the Ohio State Medical Board to practice Massage Therapy, in which she holds a diploma with honors.

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