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Blade Runner 2049 and Philosophy

Blade Runner 2049 and Philosophy: This Breaks the World

Edited by Robin Bunce and Trip McCrossin

“The book the Wallace Corporation doesn’t want you to read! Blade Runner 2049 and Philosophy hurts corporate interests by raising customer awareness of reproductive technology, genetic enhancement, and the moral rights of creative machines.”

—Janelle Pötzsch, editor of Jonathan Swift and Philosophy (2017)

Mister Rogers and Philosophy

Mister Rogers and Philosophy: Wondering through the Neighborhood

Edited by Eric J. Mohr and Holly K. Mohr

 “This book applies the love of wisdom to an American icon who embodied the wisdom of love.”

—Tom Sparrow, author of The End of Phenomenology (2014)

The Good Place and Philosophy

The Good Place and Philosophy: Get an Afterlife

Edited by Steven A. Benko and Andrew Pavelich

“Yes, Eleanor, someone royally forked up! We’re all human, and we often attempt something futile with a lot of unearned confidence and then we fail spectacularly. We’re so forked! This book is a light-hearted trip through ethics, filled with plenty of moral philosophy to help us be good.”

—Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, author of Doorway to the World of Essences (2011)

Nature, the Artful Modeler

Nature, the Artful Modeler: Lectures on Laws, Science, How Nature Arranges the World and How We Can Arrange It Better

Nancy Cartwright

The Paul Carus Lectures 23

How fixed are the happenings in Nature and how are they fixed? Nancy Cartwright offers a different picture to the orthodox conception.

Twin Peaks and Philosophy

Spoiler Alert!: (It’s a Book about the Philosophy of Spoilers)

Richard Greene

“Be forewarned, Richard Greene’s Spoiler Alert! will reveal a lot about our expectations for being surprised. This book is filled with curiosity and insight.”

—Jamey Heit, author of Imagination and Meaning in Calvin and Hobbes (2012)

An Introduction to Husserl’s Phenomenology

Rick and Morty and Philosophy:In the Beginning Was the Squanch

Edited by Lester C. Abesamis and Wayne Yuen

 “Possible worlds, the ends justify the means, perception is reality, God might be something another god made up, and, of course, hostile xenomorph-like insectoids that want to destroy the planet . . . Rick and Morty is just jam-packed with philosophy, as this marvelous book proves.”

 — Robert Arp, editor of 1001 Ideas to Inspire You Before You Die (2016)

Tom Petty and Philosophy

Tom Petty and Philosophy: We Need to Know

Edited by Randall E. Auxier and Megan Volpert

“A great song has worlds inside of it. And Tom Petty wrote a lot of them. But too often we don’t stop to explore, question, consider, knock on a few of the doors that appear down a great song’s corridors. In this collection, some thoughtful writers have come together to show us how they did it."

 —Warren Zanes, author of Petty: The Biography (2015)

The Handmaid's Tale and Philosophy

The Handmaid's Tale and Philosophy: A Womb of One's Own

Edited by Rachel Robison-Greene

 “ The Handmaid’s Tale and Philosophy, with its insightful and inspiring explorations, takes up arms with Offred and the other Handmaids, providing a powerful sword and shield against those who oppress them. Gilead has never been sliced and diced with such brutal and shocking effect. Don’t let the bastards grind you down!”

— Kimberly Baltzer-Jaray, author of Doorway to the World of Essences (2011)


WikiLeaking: The Ethics of Secrecy and Exposure

Edited by Christian Cotton and Robert Arp

“In this timely book, a team of fearless thinkers takes on some timeless topics of truth, secrecy, transparency, and responsibility. Their reflections are not to be missed. If this were not being published, it would be leaked. It’s that important!”

—Tom Morris, bestselling author of The Oasis Within (2015), Philosophy for Dummies (1999) and If Aristotle Ran General Motors (1998)

Westworld and Philosophy

Westworld and Philosophy: Mind Equals Blown

Edited by Richard Greene and Joshua Heter

“This is an awesome companion to the strangely haunting, wonderfully baffling, philosophically thrilling site of Westworld in television and film.”

—Charles Taliaferro, professor of philosophy at St. Olaf College

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