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Louis C.K. and Philosophy

Louis C.K. and Philosophy: You Don’t Get to Be Bored

Edited by Mark Ralkowski

 “This book is a delight. Its twenty-four essays shine a bright light on the wisdom of the age’s greatest comedian, bringing much needed levity to the weighty activity of philosophical reflection and fruitful clarity to the cutting edge of contemporary humor.”

 —William Winstead, Assistant Professor of Political Science and Honors, The George Washington University

The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy

The Ultimate Walking Dead and Philosophy: Hungry for More

Edited by Wayne Yuen

“Offers original and provocative perspectives not only on the metaphysical status of zombies, but on a number of important ethical, political, religious, and psychological issues that concern our favorite survivors of the zombie apocalypse.”

—Joshua Heter, Professor of Philosophy, Saint Louis University

Hannibal Lecter and Philosophy

Hannibal Lecter and Philosophy: The Heart of the Matter

Edited by Joseph Westfall

“The eighteen essays in this smart and playful anthology address, among other subjects, the connections between psychiatry and empathy, aesthetics and haute cuisine, friendship, art, and the nature of desire.”

—Mikita Brottman, author of Meat Is Murder! An Illustrated Guide to Cannibal Culture

After the Avant-Gardes

After the Avant-Gardes: Reflections on the Future of the Fine Arts

Edited by Elizabeth Millán

“Anyone interested in where the arts are going, and especially anyone puzzled or exasperated by some of the works we are now expected to accept as ‘art’, will find this book exceptionally thought-provoking.”

—Barry Smith, author of Austrian Philosophy and SUNY Distinguished Professor in the Department of Philosophy

Divergent and Philosophy

Divergent and Philosophy: The Factions of Life

Edited by Courtland Lewis

“Absolutely essential reading for any true fan of the Divergent books or movies. Those who read this fine collection of chapters by these Erudite philosophers will be so pleased they decided to do it, they’ll throw themselves a Choosing Ceremony.”

—Richard Greene, Professor of Philosophy at Weber State University and co-editor of The Princess Bride and Philosophy: Inconceivable!

More Doctor Who and Philosophy

More Doctor Who and Philosophy: Regeneration Time

Edited by Courtland Lewis and Paula Smithka

 “This fantastic collection of chapters is, much like the Doctor himself, deep, insightful and informative while also being accessible and great fun. . . . I heartily recommend this sparkling new book.”

 — Andrew Crome, Lecturer in Religion, University of Manchester, and co-editor of Religion and Doctor Who

The Princess Bride and Philosophy

The Princess Bride and Philosophy: Inconceivable!

Edited by Richard Greene and Rachel Robison-Greene

The Princess Bride is inconceivably filled with philosophical insights and wisdom. Yet, without the proper guidance, it can be as difficult to unravel these insights as it is to make your way through the three terrors of the Fire Swamp. What I wouldn’t give for The Princess Bride and Philosophy! ”

—James Rocha, Associate Professor of Philosophy at Louisiana State University

Downton Abbey and Philosophy

Downton Abbey and Philosophy: Thinking in That Manor

Edited by Adam Barkman and Robert Arp

“No more scintillating discussions ever graced a manor drawing room. Read and enjoy!”

—Tom Morris, author of Philosophy for Dummies, and If Aristotle Ran General Motors

Orange Is the New Black and Philosophy

Orange Is the New Black and Philosophy: Last Exit from Litchfield

Edited by Roger Hunt and Robert Arp

“Timely, relevant, and binge-worthy reading! Prison life as seen in Orange Is the New Black is full of philosophical illumination, as this fun book proves so well.”

—Wayne Yuen, Professor of Philosophy, Ohlone College

It's Always Sunny and Philosophy

It's Always Sunny and Philosophy: The Gang Gets Analyzed

Edited by Richard Greene and Rachel Robison-Greene

“Is your brain making too much noise all the time? Is your mind constantly stomping around, driving you crazy? Are your thoughts clawing at the furniture? Think there’s no answer? You’re so stupid! There totally is! Finally, here’s an elegant, comfortable, salubrious, and erotic collection of essays for It’s Always Sunny fans.”

— Borna Radnik, Centre for Research in Modern European Philosophy, Kingston University

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