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The Open Court Story

Paul Carus

Founded in 1887, Open Court Publishing Company is the legacy of philosopher and editor Paul Carus (1852–1919), who was forced out of a teaching position in Bismark's Reich because of his liberal views. He moved to the U.S., where he became editor of The Open Court and The Monist, which he soon turned into important organs of American thought.

Carus was a pioneer in the promotion of interfaith dialogue, the exploration of the relationship of science and religion, and the introduction of new ideas to the West. With the help of the young D. T. Suzuki, he effectively brought such Eastern traditions as Buddhism and Taoism to the attention of Americans for the first time. Paul Carus respected a plurality of approaches to the unique truth; approaches from science and religion, Eastern and Western thought, continental and analytic philosophy. He knew and corresponded with the greatest thinkers of his day, including Leo Tolstoy, C. S. Peirce, Bertrand Russell, and Ernst Mach.

Open Court has kept many of their classics in print, and has more recently made available important new works by such outstanding writers as Karl Popper, Roderick Chisholm, Paul Ricoeur, Hans-Georg Gadamer, and Donald Davidson. Open Court continues to publish substantial contributions to the great public debates of our time. Carus's spirit of open debate and free inquiry remains our inspiration.

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