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The Atkins Diet and Philosophy cover

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ISBN 0-8126-9584-4



273 pages

(Fall 2005)

The Atkins Diet and Philosophy

Chewing the Fat with Kant and Nietzsche

Edited by Lisa Heldke, Kerri Mommer, and Cynthia Pineo
Volume 14 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

Dr. Robert Atkins, a New York cardiologist, unleashed his low-carb revolution upon an unsuspecting and increasingly pudgy world in 1972.

Atkins quickly recruited millions of converts and eventually spawned a legion of imitators, including the Zone, Protein Power, and South Beach diets. Conventional dietary opinion, funded by the farming lobby, was scandalized. Then the dietary world was shaken to its foundations when the New York Times proclaimed that the latest medical research demonstrated the efficacy of Atkins.

While the Great Diet War rages on with undiminished ferocity, the broader philosophical questions raised by Atkins have yet to be explored. What does the low-carb revolution mean for our lives, our most fundamental values, and our place in the cosmos?

Now, for the first time, these big fat conceptual issues are attacked with gusto by sixteen keen, well-rounded philosophical intellects. The Atkins Diet and Philosophy offers a balanced fare of sympathy and criticism for Atkins, garnished by piquant wit and topped off with fragrant aperçus.

"This book will certainly make you think about Atkins in a whole new light! Confessions, new insights into major philosophers such as Dewey, Nietzsche, and Marx by means of Atkins, and some very serious examination of the Atkins phenomenon itself."

—Ken Albala, author of Eating Right in the Renaissance

"Playfully serious, this volume includes some of philosophy's 'heavyweights,' serving up their best fare. There's no mere fluff here: these writers satisfy by bringing philosophy to bear on diet—not only in the sense of an eating regimen but also as a course of life."

—Christa Davis Acampora, Professor of Philosophy, CUNY Hunter College

"With both wit and insight, these authors offer thought-provoking views on mind and body, morality, and physical beauty, as they endorse, critique, embrace, or reject the famous Atkins diet."

—Carolyn Korsmeyer, author of Making Sense of Taste: Food and Philosophy

Lisa Heldke is Professor of Philosophy at Gustavus Adolphus College and author of Exotic Appetites: Ruminations of a Food Adventurer (2002). Kerri Mommer, a former Atkins dieter, is an editor of philosophy books. Cynthia Pineo edits philosophy books and designs websites.

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