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Beginning with the End: God, Science, and Wolfhart Pannenberg   Edited by Carol Rausch Albright and Joel Haugen

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ISBN 0-8126-9326-4
$24.95    paper
462 pages
(May 1997)
ISBN 0-8126-9325-6
$42.95      cloth
462 pages
(May 1997)

Beginning with the End
God, Science, and Wolfhart Pannenberg

Edited by Carol Rausch Albright and Joel Haugen

Although the ideas of Wolfhart Pannenberg—one of the foremost living theologians—are very influential and widely discussed, his views on science have been neglected. In this momentous volume, leading thinkers on science and religion discuss Pannenberg's ideas. This collection contains four essays by Pannenberg, which serve as an introduction to his thinking. These are followed by essays analyzing Pannenberg's approach. The rest of the book consists of essays on modern science, especially in relation to cosmology, metaphysics, and theology.

Contributors include Willem B. Drees, Lindon J. Eaves, Philip Hefner, Nancey Murphy, Ted Peters, Robert Potter, Robert J. Russell, Frank J. Tipler, and Jeffrey S. Wicken.

"The section on physics, cosmology, and the eschatologically oriented theologies of Pannenberg and Teilhard de Chardin suggest intriguing possibilities for rapprochement between science and Christian theology." —Choice

"Here the most brilliant living theological mind engages in fascinating conversations with scientists, philosophers, and theologians at the frontline of the science-religion interface. This volume of essays advances the theology-science dialogue to the highest level of sophistication."
—Carl E. Braaten

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