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The Black Madonna Within: Drawings, Dreams, Reflections   Tataya Mato  Introduction by Marion Woodman

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ISBN 0-8126-9249-7
$18.95     paper
202 pages
(May 1994)
ISBN 0-8126-9248-9
$44.95     cloth
202 pages
(May 1994)

The Black Madonna Within
Drawings, Dreams, Reflections

Tataya Mato
Introduction by Marion Woodman

This is the story, in her own words and drawings, of one woman's quest for wholeness and release from despair. Fighting the scars of abuse and a war-ravaged childhood, Tataya Mato looked inward—to her dreams and active imagination, and to her drawings, which increasingly became pervaded by the Black Madonna image.

Long a folk image in Europe, the Black Madonna archetype is a significant image for Jungians. Some Jungian thinkers have identified the Black Madonna with feminine force and powerful Earth goddesses. The Black Madonna Within includes 191 of Tataya's drawings. These poignant and evocative illustrations are accompanied by the artist-author's narrative text.

"A magnificent testament to the creative power of the psyche to transform and initiate. To walk into Tataya's world of dream and drawing is to enter the dark earth mystery of the feminine in awe of its healing beauty."
—Edith Sullwold
Jungian therapist

"In this book we follow an amazing series of icon-like drawing and archetypal dreams which transform the early sufferings into a profound new meaning as Tataya journeys toward the Self. . . . the pictures are powerful and expressive. The artist/author has an extraordinary gift."
—Rhoda Isaacs

Jungian analyst


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