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Bullshit and Philosophy

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ISBN 0-8126-9611-5



288 pages

(Fall 2006)

Bullshit and Philosophy

Guaranteed to Get Perfect Results Every Time

Edited by Gary L. Hardcastle and George A. Reisch
Volume 24 in the Popular Culture and Philosophy® series

Bullshit is booming, both in the popular media and in the cloisters of academia. Bullshit studies received a tremendous boost from the pioneering work of Harry G. Frankfurt, and yet Frankfurt’s seminal theses opened up more questions than they answered. Now, in Bullshit and Philosophy, some of the most highly trained intellects of our epoch critique Frankfurt and take the discourse beyond Frankfurt. Bullshit and Philosophy has new contributions to the Frankfurt-Cohen debate, searching examinations of hitherto unidentified and unanalyzed species of bullshit, and acute observations on the impact of bullshit in politics, science, the courtroom, and the classroom.

"An entertaining and eclectic collection of thoughtful approaches to a ubiquitous phenomenon and serious problem."

—Laura Penny, author of Your Call Is Important to Us: The Truth about Bullshit

"Bullshit and Philosophy is a witty and thought-provoking look at a word that has become emblematic of our time. The role of philosophy in public culture could not be made clearer."

—David J. Stump, co-editor (with Peter Galison) of The Disunity of Science

"We were really quite surprised by the . . . quality of this . . . book. Of all the ways you might introduce the philosophical analysis of bullshit . . . this is definitely . . . it. We are returning the galley proofs to you forthwith, and ask you please . . . send us anything more like this. There’s really . . . a lot we can say in its favor."

International Journal of Tauroscatology

"I want to congratulate all the self-sacrificing heroes who made this great outcome possible. Mission accomplished!"

—G.W. Bush

"If the rumors of a movie deal are anything more than hot air, then Hardcastle and Reisch have truly arrived."

—Hollywood Insider

Gary L. Hardcastle teaches philosophy of science, logic, and introduction to philosophy at Bloomburg University. He co-edited (with Alan Richardson) Logical Empiricism in North America (2003). George A. Reisch wrote How the Cold War Transformed Philosophy of Science (2005). Hardcastle and Reisch also co-edited Monty Python and Philosophy (2006).

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