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Cancer As Initiation: Surviving the Fire   Barbara Stone

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ISBN 0-8126-9274-8
$17.95      paper
266 pages
(November 1994)
ISBN 0-8126-9273-X
$38.95      cloth
266 pages
(December 1994)

Cancer as Initiation
Surviving the Fire

Barbara Stone

This is the haunting personal story of one woman's journey through breast cancer, a disease that has reached epidemic proportions and now claims the lives of 46,000 American women each year.

For Barbara Stone, cancer was not a death sentence, but a challenge to become more fully alive, an initiation into a new stage of life. She fought this illness with the best tools Western medicine has been able to discover: surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. But she also combined these treatments with the best tools that Eastern medicine could offer: meditation, yoga, herbs, and acupuncture.

Her gripping account draws on the wisdom that came to her through dreams, and includes her journal entries which show the emotional highs and lows of the healing process. Stone shows that one can take the fear out of breast cancer by gaining greater understanding of the nature of the illness, and, most of all, explaining ways to prevent immune system dysfunction in the first place.

"Cancer as Initiation is an intimate, compelling, and personal account of a woman's grappling with the profound initiation of breast cancer. A must read for patients and physicians alike."
—Dr. Constance Lorman
Radiation Oncologist


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